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New German class for beginners starts every week. Flexible time schedule. Morning, day and afternoon. Modern classroom with enough space, plenty of natural light and abundant circulation of natural fresh air.
Regular test in the class and homework helps the students to evaluate themselves and the instructor to guide accordingly. We encourage to work smart, not hard.
Sufficient exam practice materials and model questions which the students practice in the class and at the house, helps to gain more confidence and consequently better marks in the exam.
With years of experience, we have developed our own book that is designed to learn faster in an easy way.
You might be thinking. How can you be sure that we offer the type of classes you deserve?
Well, that is not a problem. We offer three days free classes for everyone to experience and judge our teaching style. No registration and charge is needed for this. If you are satisfied in these free classes, you can pay and continue further. 

Join the facebook group (Namya German Language) to learn and to practice German exercises online:

Location map and contact details:  Namya Abroad Study Service

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Chabhahil, Ganeshthan, Electricity office. Way to Gangahiti. Kathmandu

014487883   9851126457   

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